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Fake Ad blockers in Google Chrome Store

There are so many free ad blockers in the market nowadays, but do you know that there are some that is fake too?

Adguard had recently discover another 2 fake ad blocker in google chrome store:

  • Both fake AdBlock and uBlock deceive users by using names of legitimate popular ad blockers.
  • They have not been taken down by Google despite multiple reports about deceptive naming.
  • The real purpose of these extensions is Cookie stuffing — an illegal ad fraud scheme.
  • The scale is unprecedented. These two add-ons have more than 1.6 Million “weekly active users”, who were stuffed with cookies of over than 300 websites from Alexa Top 10000. It is difficult to estimate the damage, but I’d say that we are talking about millions of USD monthly.

Actually, there’s a bright side to it. Now that this fraud scheme is uncovered, affiliate programs’ owners can follow the money trail and find out who is behind this scheme. Sentences for cookie stuffing are real so there’s a chance that the developers of these extensions will be held responsible.**

Our advise to you is to use Genuine Ad-blockers both paid and free or the easiest way is to get a VPN account (most VPN account block ads and malicious software nowadays.

**Article extracted from Adguard.

Simple File Request with Dropbox

As technology advances, file sharing become relatively popular. There might be some client that is looking for one way file sharing solution to allowed their own customer to drop files to their server remotely (be it for printing, proofing, production or other purposes)

Many may uses Firefox Send, WeTransfer,, etc, while others will pay for additional solution to have their Google Drive integrated or install some open source File Sharing Server of their own.

For Small and Medium business that have no programming knowledge but wanted to make use of such service, you could utilize Dropbox File Request function. (All you need to do is to own a Dropbox account, if you do not have one, you can click on this link to register for one)

Once done, all you need to do is to navigate to and create a request folder, you will then be given a URL to share with your friend or customer to have their files dropped into your folder.

You may try the Sample Folder that we had created, since Dropbox does not allowed iFrame, the only way you can access it is by clicking on this link: